A little bit about me.
Let me take you through my journey.

I am a Full Stack Developer, currently working on a project for CollegePass. I enjoy building things and bringing ideas to life. I am equipped with the right skills to help you with your next project, let's create together.

I believe in working smart and not reinventing the wheel, which leads me to work with a multitude of 3rd party tools/ APIs which are integrated into the web application. While working, I tend to implement principles of project management to properly allocate resources, manage time and expectations and deliver a high quality product!

Tools I tinker with:
FrontEnd: ReactJS, NextJS, Redux, HTML, CSS, SCSS
Backend: NodeJS, ExpressJS, AWS, GCP, Azure
Database: AWS RDS, AWS Dynamo DB, MongoDB and MySQL
Architecture: Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices / Serverless(AWS Lambda).

What I Do.

User Experience
UI/UX design is a defining factor for any digital product these days. I aspire to make usability as simple and seamless as possible.
Frontend Development
As a frontend developer, I create responsive websites that feel at home on any device. You name it, I can build it.
Backend Development
From capturing all business use cases, to designing a nimble database, reliable tech that scales is at the heart of everything I do.
I ensure your brand is not just a logo, design or visualisation but rather a cohesive system giving a smooth customer experience at all touchpoints.
CRM and Analytics
In order to monitor, measure and report on business metrics, visually appealing dashboards and CRM systems are built for you.
Tech Consulting
I am open to provide my expertise in building scalable products or other facetes of web development according to your business needs.

My Portfolio.

\\ Edtech Company


\\ Hyperlocal


\\ Luxury homestay

The Vintage

\\ Rainwater Harvesting


\\ Boutique consulting

Consult Aspire

\\ Football coaching

Raman Sports Academy

I am documenting my Journey

I have started keeping a log of all my projects in the form of detailed blog posts. Check out my blog posts for tips, tricks, and DIY code snippets. Be sure to leave comments on things you would like me to share.

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